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 As a you consider this a big deal?

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As a you consider this a big deal? Empty
PostAs a you consider this a big deal?

Quote :
From the Seekonk Star...

SEEKONK – Seekonk Selectmen Vice Chairman David Parker presided over the first meeting in his history that wasn’t a real meeting last week when only two selectmen showed up for their regularly scheduled Wednesday night meeting. At 7:03 p.m. Mr. Parker, selectman Francis Cavaco and town administrator Michael Carroll were the only officials sitting around the table while a dozen or so residents waited for the meeting to start. Mr. Parker said he’d wait until 7:30 to see if another selectmen showed up.

No one did.

The selectmen tried to make good use of the time by discussing general information with Mr. Carroll and a few members of the audience. 7:30 came and went, and so did any hope of an official meeting. (At least three selectmen must be present for it to be an official meeting.)

Former selectwoman Carol Bragg took to the podium and suggested the three absent selectmen apologize to the people in the audience for wasting their time. One selectman who will not be offering such an apology is John Whelan. He said he spoke to Ms. Bragg and said he would not apologize for something that was “unforeseeable.”

“I apologize that they showed up. I apologize that they feel like their time was wasted. But it was an unforeseen incident, a medical crisis. I will not apologize for that,” he said.

Mr. Whelan said he “had a family emergency on my wife’s side” that prevented him from attending the meeting.

“Bob Richardson threw out his back and Michael Brady had an issue coming up. The one time I didn’t call Michael Carroll was the one time it blew up in my face,” Mr. Whelan said.

“We do have personal lives and things do occur in our lives we cannot control. We are all human, like everyone else. We’re not better than anyone else.”

Mr. Whelan questioned the news value of this story and went on to say that the three selectmen who were not present “are the only ones that have full–time jobs and that have children. We have distinct personal lives.”

Mr. Brady and Mr. Richardson were not immediately available for comment.
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As a you consider this a big deal? :: Comments

Re: As a you consider this a big deal?
Post on Mon Oct 25, 2010 2:30 pm  Dave
I am amazed by this story and I think any taxpayer should find it newsworthy. Clearly at a minimum there are pretty basic communication issues taking place with the BOS.

It is a big deal when you serve public notice of a meeting to the taxpayers that you represent and cannot put together a quorum. silent
Re: As a you consider this a big deal?
Post on Wed Oct 27, 2010 12:15 pm  seek2mend
Poor John.

With public comments like these, is it any wonder why Mr Whelan can't hold down a job?

I think Mr Cavaco and Mr Parker should be commended for serving.
Instead, Whelan takes every opportunity to make some sort of snide remark.

We all know capable retired persons who spend endless hours at Foxwoods, playing bridge or golf, complaining to there adult children about all their aches and pains. But these men are making good use of their free time by giving back to the community. Agree with their politics or not, we need many more like them with diverse opinions who are willing to make such a commitment for the greater good.

Then maybe eratic, stressed out folks like Mr Whelan will stay out of politics and concentrate on family and work so he can be happy in his "distinct personal life"....whatever that means.

I'm surprised Whelan didn't say if the citizenry doesn't like it, they can just "shove it". Smile
Re: As a you consider this a big deal?
Post on Wed Oct 27, 2010 5:48 pm  tombenoit
I can understand the potential of an 'unforeseen' event. I find it odd that there were three on the same evening, but it could happen. The thing that causes me concern is the lack of communication back to the town administrator or the other selectmen.

If Mr. Carroll had been able to announce that he had been contacted and been able to explain the circumstances I am sure those in the audiance would have been more understanding. I would have. But the way the story has been described, everone had to sit and speculate.


As a you consider this a big deal?

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