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December 2019


 What's Going on with the Seekonk Fire Dept?

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What's Going on with the Seekonk Fire Dept? Empty
PostWhat's Going on with the Seekonk Fire Dept?

What's Going on with the Seekonk Fire Dept?

How many people are aware of what's going on with the towns fire dept?
As a taxpayer and former Call Fighter in town, I am somewhat dismayed with what I see and hear. At a time when people in town are losing their jobs and then their homes, we need to hire more full-time fire fighters? Oh, yea, and how are we going to pay for this? It will be self sustaining, so we're told! Are the new hires going to pay for new equipment, heat and hot water? I just can't see hiring new fighters when we have an active Call System. At this point I want to say that I'm not trying to cause any problems between the Full-time and Call Firefighters. I know, they have enough problems without me causing more.
Now from what I understand, there seems to be a problem within the dept. and it usually starts at the top! And when it was mentioned at a BOS meeting to form a commitee to resolve the problems within the dept. it was met on deaf ears!
I know for a fact the call fighers want to work with the full time staff but their seems to be something in the way.
Now I hear some people saying that the Call Dept. isn't going to work, well I know the Call Dept does want to work.
Sometimes things don't work because people don't want them to work.
Sorry if this was a little to much to digest, but this town needs to know the other side of the what goes on.
Please, anyone with any ideas, or suggestions please leave comments.
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What's Going on with the Seekonk Fire Dept? :: Comments

Re: What's Going on with the Seekonk Fire Dept?
Post on Mon Nov 01, 2010 7:27 am  seek2mend
Re: What's Going on with the Seekonk Fire Dept?
Post on Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:26 pm  stoptheBS
This sounds like a political/slanted agenda to me, how about the real reasons why a call system doesn't work anymore? We all have full time jobs, families, and other commitments. Would you want to add an additional 2 nights, sometimes more a month being out for training? Having to respond in the middle of the night, only to having to be fully functional at your job in the AM? Now it seems like there are mandatory weekend shifts....? Come on no one unless you're a single guy/woman, wants this added responsibliy anymore. It's proof in the pudding, house fire a couple weeks ago..Cole Street, the in district CALL engine never gets a response. On a FRIDAY night AFTER 6pm, when the CALL department is SUPPOSED to be around. The reason for the NO RESPONSE, I don't know... maybe a child's birthday, spouse's b-day, anniversary party, child's dance recital, overtime at you're REAL job, who knows...the list goes on and on.
If you're not a full time firefighter the commitment to respond isn't as urgent, yes you signed up to do the job as a call firefighter, but for most now a days the first priority or commitment is to you're family, friends, full time job. Not to the Town who only calls you only once in awhile. I used to be call firefighter myself, I GET THE PICTURE my family life now has all of my attention... I believe this is the same for most call firefighters.....

What's Going on with the Seekonk Fire Dept?

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