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 Representative D'Amico has a challenger...

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Representative D'Amico has a challenger... Empty
PostRepresentative D'Amico has a challenger...

Quote :
SEEKONK - When State Representative George Peterson (R-9th Worcester) addressed the room at a Seekonk Republican Committee (SRC) sponsored breakfast last Saturday morning, he whispered “hello.”

Naturally, those on hand responded that they couldn’t hear him.

It was exactly the point Rep. Peterson wanted to make. After calling on his fellow GOP members to voice their opinion a little louder, he welcomed those in attendance to the club of ‘You’re what? A Republican in Massachusetts?’

In one of the “bluest” states in the country, most Massachusetts Republican committees aren’t bursting at the seams with members. To help candidates from in and around town, the SRC held its fifth annual fundraising breakfast from the 1149 East Restaurant on Fall River Avenue, which officially opens in July.

A total of about 60 people turned out for the event, dropping $30 a plate to attend. SRC Chairman Paul Buckley said these funds, along with other donations, are used to help Republican endorsed candidates during elections. Those on hand included town officials like selectman chairman Francis Cavaco and school committee members Mitchell Vieira and Bill Barker.

Before hearing from a number of guest speakers, Danielle Fish of the Massachusetts State Republican Committee provided an update to those in attendance. After giving some news on other area republican committees, Ms. Fish announced that some local democrats will be seeing GOP opposition when they seek re-election.

One of them will be Fourth Bristol District State Representative Steven D’Amico, who is up for re-election in 2010. His opponent from the GOP will be Seekonk resident David Saad.

Mr. Saad said his candidacy started through discussions with Mr. Buckley about his “anger and disappointment” with the “way things are going both on a national and state level.” Mr. Saad said he decided too run “after a little bit of coaxing” from Mr. Buckley, even if it came as a shock to some.

“All of my friends have said ‘you’re running as a what, where?” Mr. Saad said. “And I said ‘yes. I’m running as a Republican in Massachusetts.’”

The small numbers of registered Republicans in Massachusetts was a popular talking point throughout the breakfast. Mr. Buckley said that strength lies in numbers and while there might not be too many GOP supporters in one place (there’s less than a dozen members of the Seekonk Republican Committee) working with other local republican committees creates a strong local network.

“It’s a challenge and I love a challenge,” Mr. Buckley said.

Michael “Spider” Smith, Norton Republican Town Committee Chairman, agreed.

“All the towns have to cooperate with each other for the next election,” Mr. Smith said. “This is a very blue state, but we can make big gains this time around.”

Featured speakers at the event included State Rep. Jeffrey Perry, Rep. F. Jay Barrows, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson and president of the Massachusetts Family Institute Kris Mineau.

“We have a perfect opportunity this time around, but it’s going to take a lot of effort, work, time and money.”

Rep. Perry said the people of Massachusetts aren’t against voting Republican. He said GOP supporters need to speak about Republican beliefs, core values and principles. He also said right-wingers have become too accustomed to simply responding to liberal issues as opposed to speaking to their own topics.

Mr. Mineau said the GOP has a “divine opportunity” to take back control of state and national government in a couple years. He encouraged those on hand to call in to talk radio programs, write letters to newspapers and send e-mails to elected officials to get their points heard.

Rep. Barrows started his speech by describing himself as a “regular guy.”

“We need other regular people to come to Beacon Hill and represent you,” Rep. Barrows said. “Let’s get out there and remember in November. It’s not too far away. We’ve got to get started now.”

Sheriff Hodgson said he was tired of hearing jokes about Massachusetts having a small Republican population. He said if the party is going to start re-building its numbers, it needs to start at the local level.

“We are a party of beliefs and principles at a time when our country’s moral compass is spinning out of control. There’s never been a better time to step up,” Sheriff Hodgson said.

For more information on the SRC, visit or e-mail
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Representative D'Amico has a challenger... :: Comments

Re: Representative D'Amico has a challenger...
Post on Thu Jun 25, 2009 4:47 pm  seek2mend
It is early. I have heard Mr Saad is not the only person seeking the seat loosely held by Rep D'amico. Hopefully many more will step forward and knock this ingrate off his high horse.
Re: Representative D'Amico has a challenger...
Post on Fri Jun 26, 2009 2:07 pm  mkreyssig
We can hope seek....we can hope....

Representative D'Amico has a challenger...

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