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December 2019


 New Superintendent

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PostRe: New Superintendent

I can tell you that the strengths that I observed during her interview were the abilities to communicate using a well balanced combination of personality, charisma, and professionalism. I think that it is impossible to please everyone in the role of superintendent and Dr. Chevrette has left the District in great shape for the transition.

There is a lot on the plate but I am very excited with the direction that things are moving in.

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New Superintendent :: Comments

Re: New Superintendent
Post on Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:07 pm  Dave
She is huge on technology and tying it into progressive academics. She described herself as the type of super who will do meet and greets at community events, be visible at school sports and events, and visit classrooms and our school buildings frequently. She stated that this would be done frequently and that in her current district this method has both kept her in tune with issues, helped her evaluate staff, and made her very approachable.

Once the interviews are posted on cable we will post the times.
Re: New Superintendent
Post on Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:39 pm  mkreyssig
Wow...that was fast...

I'm sure we is a good selection. Can't wait to see her in action!
New Superintendent
Post on Sun Apr 12, 2009 1:56 pm  4Kids
It seems fast, but actually it started last year with a meeting on November 1st where the School Committee voted to hear presentations later in November by two organizations that would assist us in the search, and then decide whether to handle it ourselves or hire the services of one or the other groups.

The decision was made on November 17th to hire MASC, (Massachusetts Assoc. of School Committees) and Jim Hardy, our Field Director began meeting with us, organizing the survey and focus groups, writing the ad and assisting us in defining what we wanted our next Superintendent to be like.

It does seem fast, though!

Once the site visit and negotiations are successful, she has plans to organize and be at many community events - she wants to be visible and is excited about getting to know Seekonk!
Re: New Superintendent
Post on Mon Apr 13, 2009 9:37 am  mkreyssig
I think most of my surprise came from my assumption that a formal search committee had not been or only recently been formed. At least that was what I took away from from the final SC budget meeting a month or so ago. I had also thought that the deadline for the applications was relatively recent.

Not complaining though, if all of what you say was going on 4kids then that's great. I wasn't expecting this to happen before the end of the current school year.

P.S. It's Monday and I am still not if this looks like it was typed by someone who is half was.... Sleep
Re: New Superintendent
Post on Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:13 am  Dave

On April 24th the School Committee conducted a site visit to the Scotch Plains - Fanwood Public Schools. Attendees were School Committee Members - Fran Creamer, Chair, William Barker, David Abbott, Robert McLintock, Mitchell Vieira, and also Linda Horton, HS Dept Chair/Math teacher, Union President & Mary Westcoat, Middle School Vice Principal

The purpose of the site visit was for the attendees to obtain local perceptions of the candidates’ administrative style, educational priorities, and management skills. It was also an opportunity to validate the information and impressions from the interview process of the candidate.

The conditions of hiring the candidate were based on a successful site search and contract negotiations. During this site search a total of 23 persons that have interacted with the candidate were interviewed.

Persons from the Administrative Cabinet, Principles, Supervisors, Teachers, and Parents, all provided examples of interaction and opinions on the candidate. Key phrases that I noted were “bridge builder”, “makes you feel involved in the process”, “will seek a way around funding issues”, “approachable and open, no appointments needed’, “always inside the schools and visiting classrooms”. Three words that I heard repeatedly to describe the candidate were, “Thoughtful, Respectful, and Compassionate”.

My own opinion of this site search was that it was very productive and an essential part of the process in selecting the candidate. I came out of the site search feeling completely confident that the School Committee made the right choice with this candidate and that we have found the perfect fit for Seekonk.

Driving to New Jersey seemed to take less time than driving back FROM New Jersey.

New Super
Post on Tue Apr 28, 2009 1:43 pm  rprovencal
I am so glad to hear that a desicsion has been made and I truly wish our new superintendent all the best. She is surely going to need it.

I also applaud the SC for their process. Very professional and above-board. Good luck to you too!

My only concern (and please forgive me if i'm wrong here) is whether or not she plans on moving to Seekonk. We all know what happened the last time we went with someone from another state!

I hope and pray that we all learn from our mistakes and behavior of the past and focus our energies on the job and the person's performance rather than where the person lives. There was so much animosity, focused on mainly on Dr. B's place of place of residence, that it poisoned everything and anything he tried to accomplish. It became far too personal, right at the start, before we even knew the man.

That is not to say that his tenure was all roses. There were definitely things that could have and/or should have been done differently.

I would hope the current SC has taken the past into consideration to assure that we don't end up like we did not so many years ago.

Again, I wish both our new superintendent and the SC all the best, especiallly during these trying times. I also ask the we all act as adults and grow up a bit and focus more on the facts and less on the personalities of those invovled.

I know. It's probably an impossible task, a hopeless dream. But hey, everyone can dream.

Re: New Superintendent
Post on Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:01 pm  tombenoit
I also want to wish the new superintendent well. The topic of residency should be a non-issue - up to a point. I was amazed that the most vocal member of the SC did not seem to have a problem with Dr. B. and all of his out of state time when the same individual objected to a superintendent that lived in Warwick RI. That is all behind us. As long as the new superintendent's residency does not impede her ability to place her responsibilities in Seekonk first, I have no requirement that she live in town. As for the 'pay taxes here' argument - there are taxes wherever you live.

Again - here is hoping the she can overcome the legacy of the recent past.
Re: New Superintendent
Post on Tue Apr 28, 2009 3:09 pm  Dave
The candidate has family in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts and stated that a primary reason for seeking employment in this area was to move closer to family.
Re: New Superintendent
Post on Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:19 am  seek2mend
I hope the new superintendent chooses Massachusetts. I think key governmet positions such as this should be filled by someone who resides in the state in which they are working. It isn't a requirement. But I think it just makes sense.
Re: New Superintendent
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New Superintendent

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