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November 2018

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 Starting School Day Later

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PostRe: Starting School Day Later

[quote="Wendy"]Here's news of a study demonstrating that sending HS students to school later leads to better school success:

LOVE IT!! Especially the part where the school did not extend the school day. They opted to knock 5 to 10 minutes off each class. IMHO, that's the real story.

Could less mean more when it comes to institutionalized education?
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Starting School Day Later :: Comments

Re: Starting School Day Later
Post on Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:11 am  seek2mend
First off, Wendy, I think it is best if we avoid comparing the US to other countries. That is if we are determined to be Numero Uno. There are definitely things nations can learn from one another. But if the subject at hand is scheduling, there are many cultural variables that will determine outcomes.

Fortunately or unfortunately, (depending on ones perspective) we seem to be a nation that values individualism and non-conformity. I think that is what makes us unique, yet very vunerable. The improvements that need to be made have little to do with whether teens start at 7am or 11am. If our goal is smaller class sizes, maybe we should consider split sessions. Say a few hour session in the morning and a few hour session in the after noon. Eat lunch at home and bring a snack. That is how we handle kindergarten. Would such a schedule be beneficial to the older student?

For the US, maybe it would make more sense to encourage students to be more independent learners and thinkers before they graduate so the transition to college or work is not so overwhelming.

As for an opening bell time, I think conditioning and discipline is the solution. For instance, my older brother hated getting out of bed in the morning. He may have had trouble acclimating himself to morning classes. But if you were to give him a choice between a later start time/later closing bell vs. the status quo, he would take the status quo. From the age of fourteen, he was a working stiff who would not have been very happy with later start times and extended school days.

I, on the other hand, am a morning person. I would have been elated if school started an hour earlier. I also had friends who were from farming families. They had to do morning chores before going to school. Nowadays, that would probably be considered abuse and DSS would be called in. Wink

Starting School Day Later

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