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October 2018

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 April 5 election: Candidates

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PostApril 5 election: Candidates

After reading the letters by Francis Cavaco and Mike Kreyssig in todays Sun, I will have to rethink my position.

When Mrs Bragg accused Mr Cavaco of wanting to give residents free trash bags it really didn't have the ring of truth. But I fell for it. I should know better. Now it is a "he said she said" debate. Maybe he said he would like to see the elderly and Veterans receive free trash bags? If anything, I would like to move the trash fee back into the budget and then do more with the pay as you throw system to get people to reduce, reuse and recycle. But that is another story.

I also have not heard him urge the board to shift the tax burden away from commercial back towards the residents. That doesn't mean he didn't say it. And I would be very disappointed if he did. With the highest unemployment rate in the area at 12.5%, this would be hurtful to a whole lot of people.

I wish John Turner prevailed against John Whelan last spring. But I think having Francis on the board is in a weird way beneficial. However, I don't think he should be Chairman. And he certainly should distance himself from the political poison that is Arthur Foulkes.

I may just have to flip a coin on April 5!! scratch
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April 5 election: Candidates :: Comments

Re: April 5 election: Candidates
Post on Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:20 am  tombenoit
He did 'mention' the shift of tax burden from business to residents during the debate - but - i did not interpret it that he was advocating for it. The question asked what he would do to attract business to Seekonk. He outlined the fact that the business/resident tax rates are at the max split and, as i recall, the business is about double what the resident rate is. He then 'mentioned' that unless the rate were shifted it would be hard to attract business.

Again - I did not interpret this as advocating for the shift. I could be wrong and perhaps the question should be specifically asked.
Re: April 5 election: Candidates
Post on Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:32 pm  seek2mend

Admittedly, I have yet to watch any of the Meet the Candidates programs. Thanks for the reminder. They are scheduled to be re-broadcast tonight right up until the vote.

I'll also check the cable 9 website. Most programs are available there, as well.
Re: April 5 election: Candidates
Post on Thu Apr 01, 2010 8:50 am  seek2mend
Everyone will have to judge for themselves, Tom. I did watch Cavaco and Turner debate the issues. Francis did seem to insist the only way to attract business is to shift the tax burden to the residents. It seemed to be the one question he actually was prepared for. He never said definitively that he would vote for such an inconceivable measure.

One thing that struck me was the way his eyes quickly darted to the right as he was addressing the question. My first thought was maybe Arthur was sitting in the corner giving him cues. Arthur was probably jumping up and down waving frantically while mouthing "NO.....NO.....!!" IMO, that one answer could cost Mr Cavaco the election.

I still think I will flip a coin.

This program is available for anyone's immediate enjoyment on the cable 9 website.
Re: April 5 election: Candidates
Post on Thu Apr 01, 2010 9:04 am  Dave
Town Moderator: Devine

I am not a fan of the whole endorsement thing and this is not to imply that there is anything negative about candidate Hines, but the events of the last Town Meeting showed Mr. Devine to be above petty politics and that he means it when he says politics and the Moderator position simply should not mix.

He ensured that the process of presenting a warrant article was not derailed by persons who had an intent to not allow the taxpayers to vote. Some of these people are determined to prevent the library from receiving fiber optics or from even using the space allotted to the town on the telephone poles for the purpose of connecting the pieces of the network together...against the will of the taxpayer that they have been elected to SERVE.

Regardless of how you feel about an issue you have to respect the process and allow the taxpayers to decide what is best for their town. I found Mr. Devine was all about protecting the process and that is why he has earned my vote.

Re: April 5 election: Candidates
Post on Thu Apr 01, 2010 5:37 pm  seek2mend

I am really torn on the moderator position. I admire Sgt Hines and all she does for the town and her work as a police officer. But I have a difficult time voting for anyone to such a high profile position who works for the town. I feel the same way about Mr Quinn. But since he is the only person to step forward, I guess the vote is just a formality.

Maybe I will just sit those two races out.
Re: April 5 election: Candidates
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April 5 election: Candidates

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