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February 2019

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PostCheck out this wanted ad...

WANTED: One rational, thoughtful, caring adult with common sense, for a position with the School Committee.

This is a part time position that is challenging yet filled with fun moments. If you are looking for something to do on a Monday night (fine print: and a few other occasions) that involves charts, accolades, and creative thinking when it comes to budgeting, then this might be just what you are looking for!

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about this position.

Now that I have that out there I feel a need to get this out of my system so here it goes…this is frustrating. How is it that there is no interest in volunteering to help out your school district? Just keeping the field narrow…how is it that there are no parents out there with kids in our schools who are willing to tackle this? I know everyone is busy…I get that…I am all about multi-tasking…but is there really that much apathy out there?

I have absolutely no interest in this degrading to an appointment between the school committee and the board of selectmen, which is what will happen if we do not have a viable write in candidate. I have been there and done that with the appointment thing and it was a horrible experience that left me being a firm believer in the election process. I have no interest in serving under those conditions and truly hope that someone steps up.

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Check out this wanted ad... :: Comments

Re: Check out this wanted ad...
Post on Sat Feb 27, 2010 1:36 pm  Dave
I swear I did not see this until after I made my post but I am glad to see that I am not the only one that feels this way---

From the Seekonk Star-

Quote :
Help wanted?

Are we doing so well in Seekonk that no one thinks it’s important to run for office? Or could it be that the demands of a seat on the local school committee is more commitment than people are willing to make?

We’ll find out on Election Day, April 5, when voters will be forced to write–in a candidate for an open seat on the school committee. It’s possible – but unlikely – that one vote could fill the seat. (See story, page 1.)

Meanwhile, candidates in Rhode Island are falling all over themselves to fill the seat left open by outgoing Congressman Patrick Kennedy, with even more candidates vying for the seats left open by those jumping ship to the congressional race. Folks in Rhode Island are fond of pointing out how green the grass is here on the Massachusetts side.

Will it stay that green if people continue to disengage from public service?

The Seekonk School Committee controls $19 million of Seekonk’s $39.58 million operating budget. Is there no one in town with the fire in the belly to run and make sure that money is spent wisely?

With the deadline for filing paperwork behind us it is clear that there will be no official candidate for the open seat. But someone will probably step up with a little write-in campaign like the one that seated selectman John Whelan in 2006. (Mr. Whelan had decided it wouldn’t be “fair” to seek re-election to the board of selectmen with plans to seek a position as State Representative. He then changed his mind and, within a matter of weeks, printed up stickers bearing to be placed over the “write-in” section of the ballot.)

And he won.

If that’s the kind of politics Seekonk wants, that’s the kind of politics Seekonk will get. Some call it grass roots. Some call it creative.

We call it a weak excuse for a popularity contest. With that in mind we open these pages to anyone who is considering a serious write-in campaign for the seat. We’ll print your political statements and we’ll engage you in debate.

Of course, why would anyone want to do something substantive like that when they could simply rally friends to put stickers – stickers – on the ballot and be given the keys to millions of taxpayer dollars.
Re: Check out this wanted ad...
Post on Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:48 am  terrybohax
Quote :
Prior to the ballot being finalized, Michael Kreyssig, of Luther Street, and James Reinke, of Prospect Street, had both pulled papers for the school committee. But by deadline day, neither had returned their signature sheets.

Any word on why Mr.Reinke dropped out? I thought he had some younger kids in school or upcoming into the system.
Re: Check out this wanted ad...
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Check out this wanted ad...

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