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 Save on Your Grocery Bill

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PostSubject: Save on Your Grocery Bill   Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:59 pm

In the past I have been pretty weary of going to Price Rite for my grocery shopping, but recently looking to save a few bucks, I have been venturing in there. I have to tell you...the savings really is something!

Now there are some things i will absolutely not buy there....for no good reason other than I just don't trust it. That would be meat, anything canned, milk....(they don't guarantee that there is not BGH in it) and I here there cake mix is pretty lousy.

But...there name brand food is almost half-off the major grocery store prices....produce is a bargain. Basically, you can buy a lot of regular sized items for about the wholesale price you would pay at BJ's.

Also....back to the milk....Cumberland Farms seems to be the best deal around, and they pledge that there are no growth hormones feed to their farmers cows.

So...fort a little more gas....I drop a cooler in my trunk and make the rounds. Cumberland farms. price rite, stop n shop.

Saves me close to 50$ a week.
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PostSubject: Re: Save on Your Grocery Bill   Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:29 pm

I've shopped at Price Rite on and off for years, for my family as well as for group outings and parties. The prices and quality for breads, eggs, packaged cold cuts and cheese, canned vegetables, fresh produce, dairy, just about everything, are very good. They have many things and brands that you can find at Shaw's for twice as much. I don't buy their limited brands of pet food, packaged cookies, etc. and meat, although I got a very good leg of lamb there once.
I have seen a lot more people shopping there lately than ever before. I shop there first to get what I can and then fill in the rest at Stop and Shop. I am boycotting Shaw's right now because I find their 'Gas Program' very misleading. Stop and Shop's Gas Program is better and fairer, in my opinion, although it is a hike to get to a S&S gas station. Last week I paid $2.15/gallon with my discount Very Happy
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Save on Your Grocery Bill
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