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February 2019

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 We the people...

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PostWe the people...

I would like to think that we are all very passionate when it comes to involving our children in youth sports. All of us are volunteers and we put our kids before us.

The President of Seekonk Youth Baseball needs our help. This is not about Soccer or Baseball, it is about our Town Government (yes...the one we all pay taxes towards in the theory that they represent us). Rules, regulations, and the unproductive stand of,”you are going to do it this way because WE said so”, have stifled the creativity, joy, and sense of accomplishment that every taxpaying resident of this town has felt by being involved in something good for their children.

Read the request by brother Silva below and get OUTRAGED!!!

Quote :
To all Parents:

The past 5 years the Board of health has inspected our concession stand and we received our permit. This year the board of health showed up the day before opening day and demanded that we install a triple bay sink and a hand washing sink before we could cook hamburgers. They also instructed the Fire Chief to come in and inspect our vent hood over the fryerlaters.

The fire chief now wants us to install a fire suppression system before we can use the fryerlaters and cook french fries, dough boys, chicken nuggets, etc. These requests are a major renovation project for the league and the cost is outrageous. We are only open 4 hours a week and 12 weeks out of the whole year. These requirements could have been met over this past winter if we were informed it was needed last year after that inspection. The timing could not be worse for us.

The league makes about $1,000 dollars profit per week and this money is much needed to run the league and it helps defray the cost of uniforms, equipment, fees for all-stars, and pays for those children less fortunate who cannot afford to pay but we accommodate and welcome them to play. We will never turn a child away and for the past 60 years we have an impeccable record with little league international.

There is no program more important than safety and we have a safety plan as thick as a phone book which gets submitted every year to little league international and that approval of plan helps reduce our insurance cost by 20%.

I have met with our board of Health Agent Beth and chairman of the board Al Smith asking for them to let us continue to operate as is for this season and we will make the changes after the season so we can earn money to keep the league running. It was denied. I met the Fire Chief Al Jack and the State fire Marshall inspector along with the new building inspector Mary asking them for a reprieve until the season is over. We even offered to pay a fire fighter a detail to sit up at the stand with a fire extinguisher until the season is over before we make all these renovations. That request was also denied. The new building inspector Mary wants us to add security lighting and exit signs in the stand. We are only open during day light hours and once again unrealistic expectations.

I am asking all of you to contact Mike Carroll our Town Manager on Monday with your dissatisfaction and we all understand that laws and regulations are here to keep people safe but commonsense with all these people is no where to be found. Again, we can work to make these changes in the off season.

As you know, I am at those fields every night watching to make sure that the kids stay as safe as possible both on and off the fields. Our league is in dire straits without this money, as we have seen serious decline in our sponsorship and advertising sign renewals in this economy. We are losing money every where and these people don't care.

Contact Mike Carroll at the Town hall and let your voice be heard.

Thank you



I sure hope so…this is your town. We are always in need of volunteers. Well this time is no exception. I am asking every Seekonk resident that gets this e-mail to make a single phone call today.

Call our Town Administrator;

Michael Carroll 508-336-2910

Tell him that you are OUTRAGED. Tell them that our government needs to be an asset to youth sports in this town and not a thorn in its side. Demand action!

Let your voice be heard Seekonk!!!

Dave Abbott

Seekonk Youth Soccer President
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We the people... :: Comments

Re: We the people...
Post on Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:39 am  mkreyssig
I would assume this falls under a "Temporary Food Establishment". All the Mass Health Code requires for handwashing is "A large insulated urn (2 gallons minimum) full of warm water, a soap dispenser, a roll of paper towels and a bucket to collect wastewater."

I could find nothing on "Fire Suppression Systems" but I did find this refference to the city of Allstons little league Concession Stand....

Quote :
46. When Allston Brighton Little League dies operate a concession stand the following rules will apply
A. The parents of the league players the concession stand will operate under the supervision of the League President and Safety Officer. All volunteers for concession stand duty must have a background check with the Massachusetts Criminal History Systems Board.
B. All food must be handled with paper towels or plastic wrap. Staff members may wear plastic/rubber gloves while working. All staff members must wash their hands on a frequently basis.
C. The Concession stand shall be cleaned at the end of each day.
D. The concession stand shall have a fully stocked First Aid Kit.
E. Only working staff will be allowed in the concession stand area. Coaching staff, etc. shall not loiter in the area.
F. A list of emergency numbers and key league personnel telephone numbers shall be available in the concession stand for emergency use.
G. All trash shall be removed from the concession stand at the end of each day. Rubber gloves shall be worn by the staff while handling trash.
H. No glass containers of any type shall be sold at the concession stand.
I. Fire extinguishers must be placed at each end of the concession stand in a visible and unblocked area. All staff shall be instructed in the use of the fire extinguishers before they are permitted to work in the stand.
Re: We the people...
Post on Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:57 pm  terrybohax
It looks like it may be the handling of raw hamburger that is causing a big issue and requiring the sinks. The serious effects of handling or consuming raw or undercooked hamburger have gotten a lot of press and are a legitmate health concern. Maybe that is an area where a compromise may have to be made this year:(

For a stand that is only going to be open 48 hours in total, I would think your offer to hire a fire fighter on site is reasonable. But is the field owned by the town? I think it all boils down to town liability if someone gets burned or hurt in the concession stand, or patrons get ill from the food.

Contrast all this regulation clobbering you little guys in Youth Baseball with how Johnson and Wales Inn gets treated with regard to the plethora of health violations including rodent droppings and improperly stored and refrigerated foods that was observed several years ago by the BOH. J&W's big lawyers quashed any actions and they remained open for business without skipping a beat.

Like dealing with many of the town boards, hiring an attorney seems to be the only way to get them to work things out reasonably.
I hope your organization can get a reprieve or a reasonable compromise for this season.
Re: We the people...
Post on Tue Apr 21, 2009 8:37 am  Dave
It is a sore subject for me and it is tough to relate to unless you are the person running an all volunteer program and a government entity is costing you money, time, or a combination of both. Being an optimist I hope the day soon arrives that they save us time, money, or a combination of both.

Still awaiting that day...
Re: We the people...
Post on Thu May 14, 2009 2:51 pm  Dave
A major thank you to the Bone Yard Restaurant!!!

From Lenny Silva, President Seekonk Youth Baseball


Dear Parents,

We are all very familiar with the closing of our Little League baseball
Concession stand prior to opening day ceremonies this year. This stand is a major revenue generator for the league, which helps to defray the cost of umpires, equipment, and all hardship cases.

There was an article in the Seekonk Star, which gave all the details about our situation, and the story broke a few weeks ago.

I have personally felt a little depressed about the whole situation until I received a phone call from Carnig Ashchian the owner of The Boneyard Barbecue located on Rte 152 on the Attleboro line in North Seekonk.

Carnig who has been a coach for his hometown little league for ten years read the article and called me the day the article hit the news stand. Carnig and co owner Bill Beggs wanted to help us out and purchase the fire suppression system and bring the stand up to code.

I almost fell off my chair and was so excited to hear about the generosity that these two local business owners wanted to do especially in this tough economy. The cost of the new system including a range hood and piping is quite expensive and they have made arrangements to purchase the equipment for the league.

I wanted all of you to know about the generosity of this local merchant and ask that if you decide to go out for dinner or like take out food, please choose The Bone Yard Barbecue.

Thank You
Re: We the people...
Post on Thu May 14, 2009 4:39 pm  mkreyssig
Wow...that's awsome! I've never been inside the Bone Yard, but I think I will go their at least once to give them some business.... cheers
Re: We the people...
Post on Thu May 14, 2009 5:25 pm  terrybohax
That is wonderful news and my next dine-out choice will be the Boneyard.
Re: We the people...
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We the people...

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