Property Tax Bill - explanation

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February 2018

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 Property Tax Bill - explanation

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PostProperty Tax Bill - explanation

This is a suggestion for the BOS members who are on this board. I believe that a disclosure statement along with the tax bills would help explain the various components of the bill to the property owners. I think that it could take the tax rate that is being charged and break it down into the base property tax, each debt exclusion (refund, rebate, grant or whatever you want to call it), and now the CPA charge.
It does not have to be on the tax bill, just a note included with the tax bill. Something like this. (numbers are examples only)

Your tax rate of $10.00 / $1000 is comprised of:

$9.51 / $1000 - Base property tax (limited by Prop. 2 1/2)

.39 / $1000 - Debt Exclusion - Martin / SHS voted mm/dd/yyyy
- .30 / $1000 - State refund - Martin / SHS
.22 / $1000 - Debt Exclusion - Police / Fire - voted mm/dd/yyyy

.18 / $1000 - CPA assessment - voted mm/dd/yyyy

All of these are components to the tax rate. Disclaimers can be put in to inform about the waiver process for things like the CPA. This should help folks understand the true impact of the debt exclusion and better understand how their taxes are divided between the base tax that goes to the operating budget, debt exclusions that go to capital projects and that CPA.
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Property Tax Bill - explanation :: Comments

Re: Property Tax Bill - explanation
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:29 am  terrybohax
What a great idea, Tom! A breakdown of that type would be invaluable for taxpayers. I know that, try as I may to focus, my eyes eventually glaze over as explanations of debt exclusions, state reimbursements, overrides, etc. are discussed for the various town projects.
Re: Property Tax Bill - explanation
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:03 am  tombenoit
In fact, why wait. Perhaps our newest Selectmen can bring this to the table, have it calculated for the current tax year and publish it - to the papers, on the web site, etc.

What say you Mr. Parker. No need to give anyone credit - just push the idea and you have my permission to take credit.
Re: Property Tax Bill - explanation
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:02 am  mkreyssig
I like it a lot! Makes it much easier than sitting on the DOR website trying to piece everything together... web design

Property Tax Bill - explanation

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