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 New Town Moderator?

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PostNew Town Moderator?

Any ideas where we are with that or what the process is? Town meeting will be here before we know it.

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New Town Moderator? :: Comments

mkreyssig wrote:
Any ideas where we are with that or what the process is? Town meeting will be here before we know it.
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:41 pm  dave parker
mkreyssig wrote:
Any ideas where we are with that or what the process is? Town meeting will be here before we know it.

did you watch selectmens meeting--both your questions were answered that night--don't be shy--call the TA office if you have a question--or any office for that matter--when you ask questions on a site like this you invite misinfo. many average citizens on these sites but not many pros. who actually do the work and make the rulings--love this site for getting opinions on subjects but getting facts should be from the prople we pay to have the answers--

hold thier feeet to the fire--they are well paid and well educated to answer your questions
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:48 pm  terrybohax
Please note: I am speaking in my capacity as a forum member and not as a moderator:

Dave Parker, you are intelligent and you are very experienced in town matters. I did not care for your last response to Mike which seems a tad condescending. Not everyone has Cable 9 - some people have Direct tv and cannot get the local meetings. Being more diplomatic is something you really should work on. You may have seen from my previous posts here and elsewhere that I did not endorse you for Selectman for exactly that reason. I watched you Monday night and I tried to view your actions as enthusiastic and as a man who hits the ground running. But I must admit I felt like - here we go - give him an inch and he'll take a mile.

In my opinion, any member can pose any question they would like here, and any member can respond with their opinion and maybe even some facts. And who is to decide what is fact and what is opinion?

I feel like you joined this site to see what misinfo we the average citizens are spreading around so you can chastise and correct us. I hope I am mistaken.

Last edited by terrybohax on Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:22 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : speaking in capacity as member not moderator)
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:07 pm  mkreyssig
terrybohax wrote:
Not everyone has Cable 9 - some people have Direct tv and cannot get the local meetings.

That would be me. And I'm unclear how asking a question is spreading dis-info anyway. There are educated people on this site who did attend the meeting so I expected that they would have an answer.

Which BTW was....?
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Thu Apr 16, 2009 11:02 pm  terrybohax
As Mr. Parker wrote in a prior post: 'selectmen announced at meeting that they will appoint a moderator next wed. and interested people should come to that meeting--if no one shown dave parker can be appointed for this year with no conflicts.'

My 'average citizen' understanding of that broadcast with intermittent poor sound quality:

At this past Monday night's BOS meeting, it was requested and agreed to move BOS meetings back to Wed. nights for several reasons; one being that Monday BOS meetings conflict with Monday night School Committee meetings and cause citizens to choose between attending one of them. So the next BOS meeting I think is next Wed. April 22. At that meeting, a new moderator will be appointed if interest has been shown. If not, then Mr. Parker can do it for this year. I don't know if interested parties have to complete a Talent Bank form prior to Wed's meeting. Serious candidates should contact the TA to get the facts.
Yours truly,
'Ms. Info'
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:51 am  seek2mend
I will respond to the post you made yesterday at 5:48pm at the original Seekonktalk a little later on today. I don't want to get myself in trouble here and then be forced into exile;)
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:37 am  Dave

1st off...Seek...there is no need to worry about being watched or judged here. You are an adult and I am sure you know how to carry on a conversation with some modicum of respect. I don't think this has to be case of one site vs. another site. The goal of this site is to engage conversations between officials and residents. If that is something that you want then it is up to you and other members to foster such conversations.

Dave Parker- We have two levels of posting information from officials here; The Official Forum is for just that- official information released from the BOS and various committees for VIEWING by residents. The Local News Forum is the the roption and this topic is in the right place. Here a member can post on any local topic, including inquiring about information that they either see from the Official Forum or something that is on their mind.

This place is a conduit. I recommend that both sides embrace it.
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:24 am  mkreyssig
Not to stir the pot, but I would hope that someone does step-up to the plate.

I'm not questioning your integrety or nutrality by any means Dave, I have always been fond of your moderating style, however it seems that if you were both Selectman and Moderator the town would open itself up to all kinds of accusations.

For example if you come out and openly support/oppose a specific warrent article, how could there not be a conflict of interest if you are moderating the discussion on it in OTM?
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:29 am  Dave
I know who- but you might want to add- which Dave... Kidding
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 9:59 am  mkreyssig
lol! Dave P.
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:06 am  seek2mend
As I posted earlier, Dave A, I find the other site more user friendly. Just my opinion. Navigating this site is, IMO, more time consuming.

Of course, the other site can be offensive. But like you said, we are all adults.

And to Mike K I say, IMO, you would be wise to question Mr Parker's motives, integrity, nuetrality and any other positive quality you may unwittingly perceive.

I was warned before the election, without any specifics, by a person whom I should have listened to. But that would have meant I would have had to vote for Whelan and Turner or just Turner. I could not bear the thought of three more years of "whining" Whelan. So I took a chance that I now regret. I know, Mike K, you did vote for Whelan. Since you do not have access to the meetings, you have an excuse. (BTW, there was a time you could get limited cable through Comcast for under $10.00 per month. I do not know if this is still the case. But this would give you access to the Government, School and public access channel 9. You might want to check into it.)

Since watching last Monday's meeting, I have lost alot of respect for Parker and his Mrs. I don't know *who has whom and by what*.

I have concluded that before all is said and done, many of us will be longing for the days of Taylor, Howitt, Viera and Venditti:(

Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:30 pm  mkreyssig
Seek - I did not see the meeting so I cannot speak to whatever it was that made you lose respect for the Parkers. However, I do not think that anyone who voted for Mr. Parker is suprised to learn that he has a bold personality.

While it would be nice to have a Effective Town Leader and a Teddy Bear all rolled into one, it is unrealistic. When I vote for a candidate as a rule I tend to shy away from the populists, because they try to please everyone. I instead vote for the candidate who has the most knowledge. If we disagree on a point of view I would hope that would listen to the opposing side, and try and sell me on their side and allow me to try and sell him on my side.

Debate is good, but you are treading a fine line when you publicly state you are losing respect for someone simply because you do not like their personality. Hell...the few interactions I have had face to face with Mr. Parker I have walked away muttering names about him under my breath, because I was taken aback by his personality. However it did not cause me to not vote for him, because I am confident that he has a very sound understanding of municple government.

Mr Parker - I would hope that you would take a step back and realize that we are all on a learning curve for variouse things. You have over 15 years experience, many of us are just getting into the game now, and information is not alway easy to come by. It would be nice if we could all just call the TA's office every time we have a question, but that is unrealistic to expect of us, and of the TA. I'm pretty sure his admin would start heavily screening his phone calls.
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:44 pm  seek2mend
Mike K,

I voted for Dave Parker despite his arrogance. I could not vote for Whelan because, IMO, "he is a populist who tries to please everyone".

I think I posted at the other site that the reason why I voted for Dave Parker was because he claimed to believe strongly in Open Town Meeting. He claimed he would stand firmly against any attempt at a charter revision that would move towards town council and eliminate OTM.

At least three events since last week's election have caused me to question the character of our newly elected Selectman:

1) Private emails I received from "daveparker1945" regarding the consolidation of the polls.

2) Selectman Parker's political posturing at Monday's meeting.

3) What others had to say about DP to dissuade me from casting my vote for him.
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:55 pm  terrybohax
Seek2mend and all,
I will NEVER long for the days of the Taylor, Howitt, Viera and Venditti crew affraid . However, long ago there was one BOS member, Lauren Leonard, that I remember fondly as being a sharp, intelligent, accomplished, professional (accountant?) and gracious Selectwoman. She was great. Too bad she moved away from Seekonk. I also liked Larry Havyrlik. That was a long time ago...
I will say that I have been watching Mr. Brady and Mr. Richardson's cable show and I do appreciate them taking time to share their points of view and candor about local issues. It's refreshing to hear their personal views and discussions outside of the BOS meetings. And they do bring up things that we may have missed from the various board meetings. Some have said it's self-serving or just giving themselves a forum to hear themselves talk but I find them sincere.
Keep up the good work, guys! Thumbs up
Re: New Town Moderator?
Post on Sat Apr 18, 2009 7:42 am  seek2mend
Larry was good. But there was an awful lot of controversy during Ms Leaonard's tenure. I can't remember the details, but I think it involved Chief Beal?

She was intelligent. I don't recall her as being gracious. I do think she was treated unfairly, and did not respond well. Maybe she had every right. Some people just don't belong in politics.

As for Richardson and Brady, it is their right to produce a show. However, it would be a big mistake to let this program fill in the gaps of what we may have missed at the various meetings. I haven't seen the most recent edition. But from the ones I have seen, it is pretty obvious they have an agenda. And, like Art Foulkes, they have that right. But since they are public officials, it would be nice if they would have someone on with an opposing view.

In fact, wouldn't it be refreshing to see a cable 9 show that features 2 ordinary citizens prepared to debate current topics with the sole purpose of creating an informed citizenry? I think this would be a great job for Mr Parker!! He could put those moderator skills to work for "We the People"!!!
Re: New Town Moderator?
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New Town Moderator?

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